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The first review is already in and it is FIVE stars!

"I loved Trapped In A Dream and was just as delighted with Essence. The author is so descriptive you find yourself in the story with characters. It is a hard book to put down. I can't wait for the next one."
                                                           by Lee (Amazon)


I'm the author of the thrillers Trapped in a Dream and Essence. Please, stroll freely through the pages of this site to learn about the plots, where to buy, upcoming publications... and, maybe, even a little about me.

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Do you like Science and Technology?

Or better said: Are you in awe of how science and technology is changing life in quasi-miraculous ways?

Do you enjoy intolerable suspense?

I mean the nail-biting, what is happening, why is it happening, what is going to happen, you are killing me-I need to know kind of thrill?

Do you fall in love with the characters?

The book is over and you feel you just said goodbye to a good friend? Can't wait for the sequel to see what your buddies have been up to?

If so, welcome to the club!